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Warn Winch & Acc.

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 Custom Pontoons

Romppai's name brand Fishing Tackle

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Product Lines


Marine & RV Part & Accessories 
12/24 Volt DC
Welding Cable
 12/24V Lighting
Wire & Cable
Air Compressor Components
CV Axles
Brake, fuel & Transmission line
Ignition coil & Wire sets
Wire & Cable Terminals
Shrink Tubing
OME Connectors & Plugs
AC Electrical
Heavy Equipment Electrical
Racks & Shovels
Copper/Steel Tubing





Cole Hersee Product

Brighton Fastening System

AutoTex PINK

Drivelines & fluid power
Product Retail list
see more jobber pricing on dealer page
Weld-in flanges, Fifth Wheel Trailer King Pin

Welcome to Romppai's Wholesale, for Dealers & Jobbers ONLY!!  Electronis retail side is at

We have well over 60 resale Product lines, including AC electrical products, to serve just about any industry, from, Download our sales flier  Product catalogs downloads  Automotive Bulbs

 Docap 2012-13 New Products  Marine Product Catalog

We have the full line of Eagle Claw fishing tackle, A lot of people don't know, there is more to Eagle Claw. There is much more then fish hooks, a huge range of terminal  tackle and more, including the full line of Wright & McGill product line

Eagle Claw no longer make the IM6 or IM7 rods, or any rods in a dark color, they went to a bright yellow glass rod line, saying there was little demand for the other color and type of rods

We also have VMC, & Okuma Rods & Reels

Note: if we do not have a dealer or contractor in your area, please contact us, and we will see to it you get what you need!

Hunting, Fishing, Service station, Contractor, Machine shop, Hardware outlets, Forestry, Mining, Trucking, Marine, Heavy equipment, Mechanic, Float truck, Trucking, Drilling, Resorts, Heavy to light cleaning,  Hotels, Motels, Corner Store, Sporting Goods, Clothing store, Line marking, Surveyor, If your not listed, we most likely have what you many need. we have so much product to offer you, we just can not put it all online.

  Leasing / Download our sales flier  / Click here to see a few of our NEW LED work lights 

Help Me Help Our Children   Texas Tackle split ring pliers Now in stock

If you do not see what you need, please contact us, and well will do our best to help you locate it.

Any pricing on any of the connecting pages, are MSRP ONLY, Dealers may sell for less, Note to sell below dealer cost you must obtain permission from us, for special promotions only.

We offer the best pricing you can find, We also offer Early order booking programs to save you even more, with in turn helps you sell more at even a lower price, you will pay the same if not less then the big box stores, all with top quality products, backed by second to none warranty, most all warranty is looked after by us, directly.

We have been serving dealers and jobbers for over 15 years

All dealer pricing is found on our dealer login page, once you are logged in, be sure to read the READ ME notes so you will know how to get even better pricing then what is on the dealer pricing, the pricing is not rock solid, you can save more if you read the Read me files


         Below are just a few catalogs you can download, Products we wholesale to Dealers and Jobbers

For best results and successful downloads, right click the catalog image ot hyper link, and click save target as. You will need Adobe Reader to view the catalogs, if you do not have Adobe Reader go to the above catalog download button (Green) click it, it will take you to one of 3 pages of catalog downloads and a link to the free Adobe Reader download install file. If you are not a regestered dealer or jobber with us, please click the "Be Come A Reseller" button in upper left corner.

Product Retail list w/Dealer pricing, login to our dealer only page

If the above file is to large for your connection see this link for category downloads

Docap catalog, loaded with fasteners, copper tube w/  0.30 wall, high presher, Tools, brass fittings, brake line, shop supplies, bins, chain & Acc., download to see it all

Download our latest flyer to view the great deals on our new automotive bulbs from Docap.

 Docap Pein-Machinist-Hammers.pdf

Docap Coveralls.pdf



Docap Fasteners-Bin-flyer.pdf


Techspan new 2013 lighting catalog. loaded with trailer lighting. warning lighting , tractor lights, air craft landing lights, strobe lights, it is a must download

Techspans Feb. -March 31 2014 Sales Flier, download here

Pricing on this above promo is good until March 31  2014. Remember, Dealers call for your discount, this pricing is sale retail

Techspan wire and cable, everything you need, from welding cable to TEW appliance wire, rated @ 600 deg. 600 volts



Pollack catalog, DOWNLOAD is loaded with 12, 24, 36 volt DC and 110-240 Ac Switches, connectors, inline reset breakers, RV plugs and much more. Pollack, is good quality products at an economy price, there products are made over seas unlike the more costly Cole Hersee that is made in the USA that we carry as well



Remember same like all our other product lines, do a stock booking order by Feb 15th of each year and save even more. download dealer price file from dealer login page

Seasense By Unified Marine Catalog in PDF, 84.4 Mb size ,

Romppai's now has the Full product line of marine parts & accessories, all new LED lighting line.. Romppai's has always had this line, now since one of the larger wholesale suppliers in Canada, drop this line and went to cheap off shore product, we have taken on the full product line, adding a huge selection now.



 Here are just a few other lines we wholesale.



SPRAY-NINE - 2013 oem
 PN-SUTTON - 2013 oem
Slime - 2013 oem
Full line of WARN Inds.- 2013 oem

VMC Hooks

Eagle Claw

Write & Mcgil

 Hot water heating products, such as Taco, GT Globe, Pex Pipe and fittings, manifolds,  controls, Pumps, hot water ceiling mount unit heaters, air handlers, water to air heat exchangers, water to water heat exchangers, much more Download Cole Hersee

Cole Hersee D-225-Maste rCatalog.pdf

Cole Hersee Heavy Duty D-400_HDCatalog Sections A-G.pdf

Cole Hersee Heavy Duty D-400\D-400_HD Catalog Sections H-M.pdf[1].pdf

 Cole Hersee D-400\D-617 Smart Battery Iso.pdf

Artic Ties, is just what they are, they are tie wraps made to with stand our cold Northern winter of temps down to -50 and will not brake. order your PDQ for counter top sales For more catalog download, see out 3 catalog download pages. SEE Green button above





See more product catalog downloads on our catalog pages, click the green Button above or click here

See more products below


The catalog to the left is only Controls product, There is no new PDF yet for the Wire Management products see them HERE, then order from Romppai's, we are the wholesale suppliers for them, No Retail available from Romppai's, ONLY Dealers & Jobbers, price files are on dealer login page, button above



Be sure to check our sales download page, for great dealer net promotion by logging into our dealer page, were you will also find all the price files are dealers and Jobbers need         Download our Docap Catalog Here up-dated May 3rd 2011 more downloads on catalog download pages, dealers and jobbers, login to our dealer page to get your cost.

We also have on our retail side, a full line of Computers, network hardware, Wi-Fi, including the king in commercial grade Wi-Fi "Ruckus Wireless", been tried to copy by others, but never duplicated. Wi-Fi to cover, Schools, School Boards, complete hotels to full resort & city Wi-Fi, With Ruckus, you have ten times the system then any other brand all at a fraction of the compations cost.

Ruckus is the number one leader in Wi-Fi technology, combined with there 802.11n Wi-Fi AP & 800mh -1800mh Cell phone band for those large building you can't get a cell signal well in side, no loss in bandwidth.

  Computers, software, Hardware, video surveillance equipment, and a lot more we can offer you to help run your operation safer, faster , more productive and best of all check on your business at any time from any were in the world were you can get an Ethernet connection. Ask about our full line of POS systems.

If you are a dealer of ours an need any of the above, and there is even more, we have outdoor milti-fuel  furnaces, We have extra special pricing for just our dealers.

To the end user, If a dealer or jobber will not get you our products as an end consumer, "Please" contact us and we will find away to get it to you, and you will save even more, you have my word. we are here not to get rich, but to stop these high prices in the Thunder Bay and area, any way we can.

New Warn Winches - Full master catalog available


Please note, we do not charge for account set up, like a lot of distributers do, all we ask, is your opening order for new customers is $1500.00 CND and to keep you account current, you must order minims of $2000.00 a year on resale products, with all we have to offer, this should not be a problem, accounts less then these amounts will be closed.

All Dealers will receive all full product line catalogs, Binder for Docap & Techspan products, with there first booking order, until such time 99% of the catalogs are downloadable from our 3 catalog download pages, or factory online catalogs, our name brand catalog is only available on DVD or download, some suppliers are getting away from print catalogs, so they are only available on DVD or downloads or online factory catalogs.


NOTE:: Any products offered Wholesale are not available to the public, though any other division of ROMPPAI'S with only one exception, our own name brand products and were product is used in our OME

Our own name brand, custom fishing tackle, if we have a dealer close to a customer, we will encourage them to go visit the dealer first, and if the dealer is not willing to order in our tackle for them, we will sell to the end user our own name brand products only.   After all, it is our obligation to our self, to get our name brand products into the hands of the ones that really count, the fisher person.. but if you the dealer are willing to stock and order in the product of our own name brand, Great you have first crake at the cow..

Check out  and get the pricing off our dealer login pages, cross bows, slingshots and more

Check out Prenco a full line of engine wires and coils for all makes and models CLICK HERE

A full line of Hardware, Tools, Automotive-Heavy & light, Marine, solar Electrical.  You Name it! Products like Cole Hersee. New Lower prices on Cole Hersee products

New Products  

Autotex PINK carries a full line of traditional metal frame wipers as well as the new frameless style wipers found on many newer model (2003+) vehicles. Autotex PINK's line of wipers will fit over 98% of vehicles on the road today

YOU ASKED FOR Hydraulic's PTO's Control cables and More

New 2011: Comprehensive line of abrasion-resistant hydraulic and pneumatic hose, pumps, valves, motors & PTO's, as well as a full line of drivelines, all product can be custom built, with out he custom fees, click here for a full product line. to be totally honest, I feel this was a need for Thunder Bay, as Dealers are paying high prices for product from the suppliers or they are putting a real high margin on there products, so I took this as a challenge, to bring lower dealer & Jobber pricing to the Thunder Bay market, so the end consumer can get top line products with out going broke. I will have a small out line catalog online soon, to out line this new line

I know first hand what i paid to have a drive shaft made for my Ford F600 here in Thunder Bay, they took my arm my two legs and half my hart and still wanted more, I will not get into what I have paid for hydraulic pumps, hoses and live swivels for the boom on my Ford 5 ton, i will feel ill if I do, it stops here.

We have the perfect Hydraulic pumps for all your mobile and industrial needs. extensive line of valves for any system. Our selection of hydraulic valves with a variety of types, pressure ranges, flow ratings, viscosity ranges, and temperature ranges ensure that we provide you with only the best fit for your needs, made for your needs, with your stock hose and fitting order, I "loan" to you, "Free use" the hydraulic hose press to crimp the fittings on and a whole lot more, Click here. If you have never worked with us, now is the time! Stat Saving $$$$$$$$$$$, cut out the middle man


. AutoTex PINK is a women-owned and created company that's among the nation's leading global suppliers of windshield wipers. With each sale of AutoTex PINK products, a donation will be made to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Through this partnership, AutoTex PINK hopes to support those affected by breast cancer by helping to increase awareness


We have CV axels to fit just about any vehicle No core charges




Attention dealers and jobber, now available at Romppai's wholesale.
/ Weatherhead hose and fittings / Warn Winches / Driveline, custom made hydraulic hoses with crimp on fittings, or bulk hose and fittings. if you buy large amount of Weatherhead hose and fittings,, you get a free press to assemble the Weatherhead hose and fittings


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We are pleased to announce, we now have leasing available for our many large ticket items, equipment only, $1500.00 each or more, for government, organizations and any business's

Apply online



Some products from other suppliers can be booked as late as April 30th, but call so you will know your booking dead line to order,

Note: Blood Red is a registered trademark and Bleeding Bait is a registered trademark of TTI Companies.


TTI -Blakemore Fishing Group-Home of Tru-Turn, Daiichi,X Point, Mr. Crappie, Team Catfish & Stand Out Hook Brands

Blakemore-Road Runner Lures, Reel Magic, Rod Floaters, RockN-Runner Lures ask for catalog, or download one from our catalog page, order today, note: you can mix all products above from TTI to meet your minimum stock order,

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