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   Al Agnew captures the essence of wildlife in colors and emotions on painted canvases. His knowledge and respect of wildlife are channeled through his brush with exquisite detail. It is this knowledge and respect combined with his extraordinary skill of interpretation that have earned him numerous awards and accolades. In his most recent honour he was named to U.S. Art Magazine Artist Hall of Fame. His work has been featured in Wildlife Art News, U.S. Art, Field and Stream, and Outdoor Life.














Don Ray has spent most of his life developing a reputation as a painter of fresh and salt water fish that ranks him as one of the finest in the field. Don strives to paint subjects in as natural of a setting as possible. That includes studying the unique way in which light is effected below the surface and using those effects to more truthfully represent the animals in their own environment. His paintings appear regularly in and on the most popular wildlife magazines and sporting catalogs such as Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, Florida Sportsman, Cabela’s, Penn Reels, and National Wildlife.