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Product Lines


Marine & RV Part & Accessories 
12/24 Volt DC
Welding Cable
 12/24V Lighting
Wire & Cable
Air Compressor Components
CV Axles
Brake & Transition line
Ignition coil & Wire sets
Wire & Cable Terminals
Shrink Tubing
OME Connectors & Plugs
Outboard Motor Leasing
Heavy Equipment Electrical
Racks & Shovels
Copper/Steel Tubing





Cole Hersee Product


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New Cole Hersee Products

LED Pilot Lights
Bezel protects lens & relects more light
  Informational sheet D-609

DP Master Disconnect Switch
Each pole handles 125A
at up to 36V DC
  Informational sheet D-606
Relays & Microrelays
Heavy Duty - 40A at 12V DC
High Power - 70A at 12V DC
Microrelays - 25A at 12V DC
  Relays D-595
Microrelays D-608
Sockets D-600

Digital Databus System

Digital control of electric motors & lighting
  Informational sheet (marine) D-586
Informatioanal sheet
(road & off-road)


Rotary Switches
Electrical configurations
up to four-throw.
Several knob options.
  Informational sheet D-593

9006 Door Jamb Switch
SPST Normally On,
depress plunger to Off

4A at 12V DC lamp load

  Informational sheet D-594
58500 SigmaTM Rocker Switch
Low current membrane switch with rocker switch feel.

Compatible with microprocessor systems.

Reliable LED backlighting.

  Informational sheet D-611
Plastic Body Solenoids
Rugged glass-filled nylon construction, corrosion-resistant.
Informational sheet D-596



Lenco Marine


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