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Cole Hersee Product


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Product Line
We make switches and connectors for heavy vehicles- applications that use a battery as power source.
Our components are therefore for DC applications, although many can also be used in AC applications.

Cole Hersee Interactive Catalog

New products


Identify these CH switches:

Check your answers

You'll find Cole Hersee switches
on a wide range of vehicles:

Heavy duty trucks

Fire department boats

Pleasure boats
pleasBoat.gif (34342 bytes)


School buses

knuckleboom.gif (38449 bytes)

Garbage trucks



Telephone company trucks

Gas company trucks

Road construction equipment
grader.gif (12255 bytes)

Cable TV trucks

TV station trucks

Oil trucks

Trucks with tailgate lifts


Bulk grain trucks

Utility trucks
utility trk.gif (43032 bytes)

Light rail vehicles

Wheelchair lift vehicles


Cement trucks

Dumpster trucks

Trucks with tarp systems

Golf carts
golf.jpg (11861 bytes)

Airport mobile baggage equipment

Fork lift trucks

Ice cream trucks


Ditching equipment
ditchwitch.gif (18345 bytes)

Agricultural tractors

Emergency vehicles

Front end loaders

generator.gif (13944 bytes)

Trenching equipment

Airport personnel carriers

Road graders

Opencast mining equipment

Car rental courtesy vehicles

Combine harvesters


monacocoach3.jpg (31749 bytes)

Logging equipment

Tree-shaking vehicles

Car transporters

Mobile catering trucks
refresher.jpg (17670 bytes)

Water company trucks


Refrigerated trucks

Groundskeepers carts
ezgo grounds.jpg (15548 bytes)


Electric company trucks

Transit buses

Off-Road recreational vehicles
hunters.jpg (23575 bytes)

Hotel utility carts


indian chief.gif (44663 bytes)


Hydroseeding trucks

Road rollers

Fire trucks
fire truck.jpg (16351 bytes)


Dump trucks


Road sweepers

Breakdown trucks


Hotel vehicles
personnel.jpg (12713 bytes)

Kneeling buses

  and many more!


to 'What are these Cole Hersee products?'

They're in a rotating series, so there's no 'first' picture. Starting at random:

B26c 58328-104.GIF (3713 bytes)
Rocker Switch

Water-resistant type.
This one is illuminated, but we make them without illumination, with imprint,
with your custom imprint...

You can get them with lenses
of different color, or you can have them with cool snap-in lenses (as in the picture above).

Series 58328

P115c 30407.gif (6758 bytes)
Circuit Breaker
This one has studs and a plastic body
with a cross-bracket.
We also make plug-in types,
ones with a steel case,
with in-line bracket,
with different voltage ratings,
in Types I II and III.

Yep, we make lots of different circuit breakers...and fuses!
If you need a part number, this breaker could be a 30414 series or a 30407 series.

T138c 2484.GIF (3465 bytes)
Master Disconnect Switch
We make lots of different types.
Use them to shut the vehicle down completely when it's unattended.
This helps against electrical fires,
theft and battery drain.

They come with a lever or a lock.
We also make a lockout that will fit
onto a lever. When you apply a standard padlock, this positively locks out t
he complete electrical system
for safety purposes, and is often required
by different federal mandates.

This one is UL rated, so it's a 2484 (or a 2484-16 with silver contacts).

Column-Mounted Controller
Many people don't know we make
complete assemblies, but we do.
This item is the stalk that fits onto
the steering column on a truck.
It's similar to the directionals stalk on your car, except that this one is radically different: it can control many different functions...and it operates with
a sophisticated optoelectronic system
that sends out multiplexed signals.
Can we design one for you?

P0c 30186.gif (5007 bytes)
Mini-Fuse Holder
The mini is an in-line fuse holder
that will also take Mini plug-in circuit breakers. We have them for glass fuses, ATC/ATO (auto type) and for the big, chunky aptly-named Maxi!

We showed the Maxi above
We sell fuseholders, fuses, breakers, and many other circuit protection devices.
This item is 30183

O0c 46379-6.gif (7936 bytes)
Fuse Block
This one takes plug-in fuses and breakers, and it also has a ground terminal.
We have them with different numbers of sockets (gangs), with our without the ground terminal.

This one is from our 46379 series.

O105c M-674.gif (4896 bytes)
Here's another...
Fuse and Terminal Block
This one takes glass fuses,
and has common feed brass busbars.

This is a 4-gang unit: M-674

Master Disconnect Switch
Yes, there are two Master Disconnect Switches in this picture gallery.
This one is a biggie. It takes a whopping intermittent current of 2000A.

It's SPST, number 75908.
It disconnects the battery circuit.

We also make them at this rating in DPST (number 75907). Use this one to disconnect both the battery circuit
and the field circuit.

E0c 48785.gif (7952 bytes)
Electronic Solenoid
We make a whole range (about 50) of electromechanical solenoids
that can be used for many different switching purposes.
This electronic solenoid is different: it has no moving parts, is resistant to all kinds of tough environments, and we've tested it to over 5,000,000 on-off cycles!
If you're looking for a solenoid that
won't need replacing, look no further!

This one is number 48785.
We'll also build one to your specs!

There are several levels of answers,
going down to the item number detail.
If you got item numbers right, you're good, very good!
If you know what general category/function the parts are, then that's good enough: you can always look in our interactive catalog



Lenco Marine


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