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Product Lines


Marine & RV Part & Accessories 
12/24 Volt DC
Welding Cable
 12/24V Lighting
Wire & Cable
Air Compressor Components
CV Axles
Brake & Transition line
Ignition coil & Wire sets
Wire & Cable Terminals
Shrink Tubing
OME Connectors & Plugs
Heavy Equipment Electrical
Racks & Shovels
Copper/Steel Tubing





Cole Hersee Product

Brighton Fastening System


WHOLESALE products, WHOLESALE industrial supply, Sorry no retail customers, Dealers & Jobbers only

A recognized leader in the automotive industry. Whether you are looking for automotive products, household tools and supplies, or industrial equipment, we carry a wide selection of reliable products from top industry suppliers.

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Click above image for larger copy of crimp on wire terminals. This is only a very small few we stock.


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Ken-Tool is the leading manufacturer of tire service tools in the world. Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, Ken-Tool has been providing the tire industry and automotive aftermarket with quality products for over 80 years.

•Aligning Bars
•Ball Joint Seperators
•Bead Breakers
•Bead Expanders
•Bead Holders
•Bead Seaters
•Center Cap Removers
•Front End Tools
•Tire & Bead Lubricator
•Manual Tire Changers
•Tire Irons + more
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Permatex is a leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of premium chemical products to the automotive maintenance and repair markets.


•Adhesives & Sealants
•Appearance Products
•Hand Care
•Maintenance & Performance
•Specialized Maintenance & Repair
•Thread Compounds + more
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Heavy Duty Bolt Bins


Bin size 4"x  4"-1/2" x 12"

Weight 80Lbs

72 compartment  in total, Bolt bin #429-072


Cold Galvanizing Compound 20 oz Aerosol can


6 per Case



Cole Hersee Product line

Cole Hersee Products 


Just to bring you all up to speed, we are not just a wholesale distributor of hunting, fishing & marine products as well as a tackle manufacturer , we also have a full line of hardware, automotive, marine, heavy equipment electrical, tools, and the list just keeps on going like the copper top, with well over 30,000 products in just the Docap line.

Not to mention these other fine products

1-     Cole Hersee electrical products

2-     Signal Products as well as fan and heater motors

3-     Lubrimatic lubricants/ pumps

4-     Permatex

5-     GMB ujoints

6-     Walbro electronic & in-line fuel pumps 12 & 24 volt

7-     L9 high strength fasteners

8-     P&N professional taps, dies, and drill bits

9-     Bridgeport/Camo/Amflo tire repair & airline products

10- Sherwin Williams line of aerosol paints

11- Loctite industrial chemicals

12- Solder Seal Gunk products

13- Docap Publishes a Bi-monthly sales flyers that feature a variety of products at reduced pricing, as well we can provide increased discounts for large volume quotations. Catalogs, Sale Fliers and more can be down loaded Here. See dealer page for pricing

14- Spray Nine Cleaning Products

15- Axes, hammers

16 - Prenco products

Docap Software Downloads

Right Click save Target As, Files are in Zip Folder


Signal Scrolling MSG Sign Software


Prenco products are now in stock Indications are that our price offering is the best available. Click Here

All Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
All Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
Packaged: bulk, multiples of 100 skin packed in pairs, 12 pair per carton
Part # Description
STC-10 Hose Clamps - Fits O.D. Sizes 7/16" to 1 1/16" - Pair
STC-12 Hose Clamps - Fits O.D. Sizes 7/16" to 1 1/4" - Pair
STC-24 Hose Clamps - Fits O.D. Sizes 1" to 2" - Pair
STC-28 Hose Clamps - Fits O.D. Sizes 1 1/4" to 2 1/4" - Pair
STC-4 Hose Clamps - Fits O.D. Sizes 7/32" to 5/8" - Pair
STC-6 Hose Clamps - Fits O.D. Sizes 3/4" to 7/8" - Pair
STC-8 Hose Clamps - Fits O.D. Sizes 7/16" to 1" - Pair

Please check dealer pricing on dealer pages

  Standard       Stainless Steel  
Product   list price   Product   list price
Code Part No. per 100   Code Part No. per 100
508-000 set $6.90   509-506 B6HS $39.30
508-001 set $8.80   509-508 B8HS $39.30
508-002 M4P $29.90   509-510 B10HS $40.81
508-003 M6P $29.90   509-512 B12HS $41.33
508-004 M8P $29.90   509-516 B16HS $45.35
508-006 B6H $41.56   509-520 B20HS $46.73
508-008 B8H $41.56   509-524 B24HS $49.07
508-010 B10H $46.69   509-528 B28HS $49.96
508-012 B12H $48.20   509-532 B32HS $50.72
508-016 B16H $52.90   509-536 B36HS $51.95
508-020 B20H $57.40   509-540 B40HS $57.15
508-024 B24H $59.80   509-544 B44HS $60.48
508-028 B28H $66.30   509-548 B48HS $61.51
508-032 B32H $68.58   509-552 B52HS $64.44
508-036 B36H $71.20   509-556 B56HS $66.36
508-040 B40H $76.80   509-564 B64HS $67.77
508-044 B44H $76.80   509-572 B72HS $74.37
508-048 B48H $76.80   509-580 B80HS $78.53
508-052 B52H $80.80   509-588 B88HS $84.83
508-056 B56H $90.80   509-596 B96HS $92.25
508-064 B64H $90.80   509-604 B104HS $93.08
508-072 B72H $96.86   509-616 B116HS $95.69
508-080 B80H $96.20        
508-088 B88H $98.20        
508-096 B96H $112.20        
508-104 B104H $120.20        
508-116 B116H $124.20        




The above image is a link to download the new product catalog supplement, this is not the main catalog, some day I will make a PDF file of the whole master catalog, in the meantime registered dealers my request the print catalog with there next order, below is a link to download the Docap master catalog price list in List price before any discounts.



We are pleased to announce, we now have leasing available for our many large ticket items, equipment only, $1500.00 each or more, for government, organizations and any business's

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Some products from other suppliers can be booked as late as April 30th, but call so you will know your booking dead line to order,

Note: Blood Red is a registered trademark and Bleeding Bait is a registered trademark of TTI Companies.


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Lenco Marine


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