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Inflatable boats

After market I/O & Outboard Parts
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Electric Pontoon Boats
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We stock a full line of fitting and more, see links below, or download Catalog

Furnaces, Furnaces and more Furnaces


 *We also have Hot water heating for your marine needs, weather you have water cooled motor or not.

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We have the best Outdoor Furnaces on the  market /click

We have forced air Furnaces

Natural Gas and Propane Boilers (SEE OUR CATALOG) NOTE We are changing suppliers, so a new catalog will be online soon

We have oil boilers, oil wood boilers

We have electric boilers, electric, an wood (SEE OUR CATALOG) NOTE: We have temporarily remove our parts catalog, do to poor service by one of our suppliers, we still have all the same product Furnaces on our site including parts, a new catalog will be online soon, it will only have different part number, and lower pricing, same products.


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Download a complete catalog, of parts, for heating, or pluming, boiler Pex and Pex-all Pex pipe, insolated under ground Pex, and fittings, copper manifolds, stainless steel manifolds with controllers, copper, stainless steel and brass fittings, Valves, mixing valves, circulating pumps for boilers and domestic hot water, zone valves, controllers and so much more. Every thing you need for the do it you self, (DIY), or we can do the whole job for you.  pricing is now in the catalog, however shipping charges are over and above on large items, such as furnaces, and wall raids, possibly. Any product orders shipped out from our location, will have shipping and tax add, unless it is a very large order.

We sell only top quality products, we learned our lesson years ago, you get what you pay for, take it from me, when I build our place, I went to a big pluming supplier, and bought all the copper fittings, valves and pipe, when I brought all the stuff home, my wife at the time, said, wow, you paid all that for this, she told me she seen it cheaper in a big box store, she took all the stuff back to the pluming warehouse, and went to that box store, and bought all the stuff for a little more then half the price. Well for the next 4 years I spent ripping this place apart every time a fitting or valve sprung a leak, yes every fitting and valve sprayed water out of the main housing, like a small pin hole, not to mention the big mess every time, and the damage it did.

Well after 4 years, I replace every fitting and valve in the place.. now did we save money in the long run? No it cost us three to four times the price for the parts and repairs in the end, and that's not counting all the extra materials an labor I had to do over the 4 years.