Info for Wholesalers, Dealers/Retailers

Note: Any product that is wholesaled by Romppai's is not retailed, with the exception of our own name brand products, any product or service sold retail by Romppai's, Romppai's Outfitters  is a complete deferent product line, not available to dealer's for resale, you will receive a discount, if you are a registered dealer of Romppai's Wholesale, for your business or personal use. Buy Canadian made products and your helping our Canadian economy, 98% of Romppai's name brand products are made in Canada, in fact made right here in Thunder Bay Ontario, so you are helping our Thunder Bay economy as well.

If you need funding to build your business, we offer finance services, at low interest rates, baste on each case needs, we are here to help you grow.

If you are a Wholesaler, Retailer or Manufacturer proof of is required, weather you are in Canada or not !

You do not have to be in the Hunting or fishing related business We have many thousands of none related products as well, be it a resort, tackle or bait shop, independent contractor of any kind, hardware/automotive, trucking, service station, bush contractor, tire shop, heavy equipment mechanic/contractor, corner store,  landscaping, tree planting, farmer, garden center, none profit organization.  I can keep on going but I think you get the full scoop of what I mean, we have it all. Even if you pay all tax's, we can supply you.  Please note: our Retail prices are dropping, it will take some time to change all retail pricing on our site, do to the thousands of pages we have:

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader  (click here if you need it) to view the dealer application.

Simply down load an save this to your hard drive, right click link, save target as Romppai's Dealer app-fillable pdf.pdf   Fill it out in full, copy of your Ont. P.S.T Tax number and your Business number, see more info below.  If you are from outside Ontario see below.  If you are out side of  Canada your Import /Export number or a company blank check marked (VOID) as well as your letter head, copy of master business licenses before we can give you any dealer pricing or your user name and pass word to our dealer page.  To qualify for Wholesale or Dealer pricing you must order in quantity per item, for more info please contact use.  All information is to be sent by post mail, to address on dealer application. Please also note the minimum opening order $1500.00 and minimum repeat orders $500,00

If you are just setting up a new business an you don't have the needed paper work, please wait till you do.

Wholesalers and Dealer/Retailers may use our online shopping site to order your products as your invoice will be adjusted with your discount/s.  Please provide your company info on the check out page, on the  Additional Instructions box and please include your full phone/Fax numbers, your tax numbers as well as your Master Business number on you first order this way you will only have to fill out all the information on your 1st order as we will send you a USER ID #.  That is all you will have to do on the check out page on any repeat online orders, other then any special requests in the Additional Instructions box.  You must also mail or fax a Ont. retail tax exemption certificate as well as a copy of your  Master Business License

Please NOTE: Due to the hundreds of thousands of products we offer, they are not in our shopping cart, please download all catalogs from our two catalog download pages, check out our product pages, (you can also get to out product pages by clicking the blue product button on our wholesale page) as well once you get your user name and password to our dealer page you will find even more product then you can imagine.  Take advantage of all the early booking programs and save even more. 

If you are a retail store and are interested in carrying our Canadian made products or any of the many products we are a distributor for please feel free to contact: use Phone (807-627-3854) Phone/Fax:(807-933-4972 )e mail

For  Ontario business's only - required information

1 - Retail tax exemption certificate:  If you do not have a blank Ontario Retail tax exemption certificate you can down load it here in PDF format, Right click on this link with your mouse  and choose "save target as..."  then print it and fill it out in full, check the box that reads BLANKET and mail it to us. Retail tax exemption certificate number must be on all orders weather on a paper order form, our excel order file or in the Additional Instructions box on our check out page referring to your Ontario Retail tax exemption certificate form we have on file.

2 - copy of your  Master Business License

3 -  Down load this Romppai's  Dealer app-fillable pdf.pdf   Fill it out in full, Mail it all to the address on the form.       

 For outside Ontario  but with in Canada  business's only - required information   

1 - Copy of your  Master Business License     

2 - Company blank check marked  (VOID) or your letter head

3 - Your HST number, on your application form

4 - Down load this Romppai's  Dealer app-fillable pdf.pdf   Fill it out in full, Mail it all to the address on the form.       

Out side of  Canada

1 - Your Import /Export number

2 - A company blank check marked (VOID) as well as your letter head,

3 - Copy of master business licenses

4 -  Down load this Romppai's  Dealer app-fillable pdf.pdf   Fill it out in full, Mail it all to the address on the form.       

This information is needed as to many people try to get Wholesale pricing that do not qualify as a retailer, contractor/jobber, reseller, if you are planning on starting a new business, do not apply until you have all necessary documents.

Thank you, well look forwarded to working with you, to help grow your business, we are a strong believer, in sell for less, sell more, bottom line you make more profit in the long run. nowadays business try and make upwords of a 100% - 200% profit, ripping off consumers, turn over is slow, they sell little, there way above the MSRP.... They do not under stand, sell for less be fare, sell much more..  If you believe the same and under stand us, we want you as a dealer...