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New to all of this: so for now just playing with things to see what or how it works.. Then once I sort it all out in my head, ( I am self-taught on computers, tech, website and so much more)
We will be doing video's on how to, and products we offer, since we have so much more then hunting and fishing, check out our website for an all most full list or our shopping carts.  

Romppai's started off as a wholesale distributor & manufacturing business, manufacturing custom built trailers of all kinds, custom fishing tackle made in Canada, custom built Pontoon boat and dock kits, from 7' long up to 70' long, and a wholesale distributor for many factory product lines first and foremost.

Web site then expanded into a small retail division with a product line totally separate from the wholesale product lines. both business are on the same website, that is changing as we speck. will return to what it was intended for, the wholesale distributor & manufacturing business.
New retail only site: WHAT WE DO this company was created to specialize in custom made Tackle. Unlike our competitors, what you see is what you have to choose from. Romppaiís offers you everything from paint colour, blade color style and size, bead color and size, right down to hook style color and size; including length of mono or wire, right down to their tensile strength.

 All our jigs, Spoons, Weight forward Spinner heads, Lead and brass Spinner Bodies, Lead Worm Weights, Bait Walkers, Bottom Bouncers, Quick Change Weights, and blades and so much More. Their paints are baked on at 350 degrees to ensure that the fisherman receives a product that is virtually chip resistant and the best product money can buy. All attachment eyes have been opened for you. All hooks are top quality from Eagle Claw, VMC, Mustad, StandOUT, Tru-Turn and Daiichi. We also use top quality lure components that must meet our specifications, starting with, must be made in Canada or the USA, no off shore junk.

All of our custom manufactured fishing jigs come with a lifetime warranty against chipping.  If one show ever chip, simply return it, and receive two free replacements, that is how confident we are in our paints.

I want to make one thing very clear, we are not in business to make money, that is right not in it to make money, as long as we cover our costs we are happy!
We have over 36 paint colors to choose from, including our new super glow colors and glitters, like Firecracker, Holographic silver, holographic gold Green, just to name a few.

We have a wide variety of molds, and endless possibilities of lures. If there is something you want and don't see it in our catalogue, ask, and we just might be able to provide it..

All end products are locally handcrafted. Our specialty is designing fishing tackle to the fisherman's/fisherwoman's specification, for example; hook style and size, blade style, color and size, bead colour and size, without having to pay a custom fee.

We also offer those specialty lures for Weddings, Family Reunions, Retirement Parties, Businesses and more. One option is a Spinner with a 24 kt. gold or Genuine silver Blade engraved with your name/s and date with only $5.00 extra engraving fee per item, or just have the packaging labeled with name and date at $ 0.25 extra charge per item. as well aas the very populer pad printing right on the spinner blade or spoon, Minimum order quantities apply. Please call for details

. We have just started to set up 2 online shopping carts, read more here

I want to make one thing very clear, we are not in business to make money, that is right not in it to make money, as long as we cover our costs we are happy!

Arnold's mission
Teach a child to fish; you will feed them for a life time!

Materials and supplies to teach children to make fishing tackle, both online with video and in my sonís shop as well at events I attend and schools.
 It has been my sense, for many years, a lot of people cannot afford to buy supplies for their child to go fishing, with so many places so close to home with in walking distance, many creaks are stocked with fish by the MNR.

It is very surprising out of the hundreds of children I have talk to, have never had the experience to go fishing or even know what a fishing rod & reel or lure is.
Hello: My name is Arnold. I am disabled and on a small pension. since 1988, after falling 14 feet to the ground, and broke my back, working as a welder, in a bush camp, and no, I did not get a penny out of workers compensation, I live alone on a very small CPP pension, which is not much at all. I wonder all the time how I even make it, I donít go any were though.
 I love to take my many years of lifeís teachings knowledge and experience and pass them on to the less fortunate children, not only teaching them, but giving them what they need to make tackle as well a fishing rod and reel.
 My only goal left in life, is that every child have a fishing pole and some tackle, and know how to make some and use it. Children need to know how to fish, make fishing tackle, and rig there poles. Have the supplies to do so. To do this right, I need a good HD video
cameras (web Cam) for best viewing on the web and on Justin TV.
 So far for years I have paid it all out of my own pocket, I no longer can, so I am asking for help for the children. Teach a child to fish; you will feed them for a life time!
If you want to donate you can do so three different ways.

1- ďPlease ďuse the below chip-in. or with credit card and save us the chip in (Pay-Pal Feeís) charges, they charge 2.75% plus a .35 cent transaction fee, and then another fee to transfer the funds from pay-pal to my funding account.

 2 - Use this summit credit card link every cent less the credit card handling fee of 1.12 % will go to the children. In the note box, type in FOR THE CHILDREN Note the https:// in the above address, it is a secure page encrypted.
3 - You can also mail a check payable to Romppaiís (were no fees are taken off): to: Romppaiís, 22 Laukka Laine, Kaministiquia, On. P0T 1X0 Canada. Note on check, FOR THE CHILDREN.
 I will mail or email you a tax recites if you leave an address.
 It has been my sense for many years, a lot of people cannot afford to buy supplies for their child, so I supply free supplies, as well teach online on J-TV live video as well in my sonís shop, many events I go to, and in schools.
 I make nothing off of this, and I do not want to make anything off of it, my satisfaction is that I help a  child in need and thatís enough for me,  I donate my time.. You can contact me via email:  to set up an event or for any other Questions you may have.

My plan is to start airing on Justin TV week of April 9th,  at latest May 1st 2012, I need some fund to get started, the sooner I can start the better I will feel, since I had to stop doing it out of my own pocket.
Every Child needs to subscribe to my Justin TV channel, so you get emails when I am live, if you miss one that is ok, you can view all of them on my channel; they are all recorded and saved for 30 days.
Subscribe to my Justin TV channel NOW or give the below web address to ones you know would love it with this URL coded in it
As funds come available, every child under 16 years old that Subscribe, there name will go into a monthly draw to win a free fishing rod and reel, and a starter kit of tackle components, were they can make their very own fishing lures, your name will stay in all draw box until you win or turn over the age of 16. Winner must fax or email proof name and age.

These draws will be held separate from events in person. In total there will be 2 draws per month, one for J TV and one from in person events, all names stay in the draw box until they are a winner. or turn 16 years old.. I will also hold events were every child that attends get a free fishing pack. Maximum 10 children per event, proof of age is required.

Please note, my son who owns Romppaiís is donating 10% of all fishing tackle sales from in store sales as well as his 2 online shopping carts that he has just started up, see web address above for the stores online, on top of that 10% of all sale from his table at the Hill Crest High school Farmers Market every Saturday, click the link for more info,
My son is also challenging other business's to do the same. I will list them here as well on my Justin TV page, as the come on board. He will also be on his suppliers back to supply products, they too will be listed here. and on his website.

NOTE: Under Romppai's and my privacy policy (when a child wins, childís names will not be posted to the web. Or in any print or emails)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart in advance for your generosity.

More about Arnold

In 1978 I started off as a wholesale manufacture of trailers, boat racks, transport truck tool boxes under trailers, trailer repairs, then I went to work in a bush camp as a class "A" welder until my fatal fall at work in 1988 which ended my career.

In 1998 I made the biggest mistake in my life and got married for a second time. In 2000 my now ex wife opened a business in her name were I manufactured custom made fishing tackle and she wholesaled many product lines. The marriage ended in my mind in 2004, or sooner, were I realized she wasnít in the marriage for me, she had other motives, anyway I ended the marriage in Nov. 2006 after many years of trying to not believe in my true feelings as what she was in it for. Like all, she took everything I had, and it was a lot.

My son Arthur opened up what is today known as Romppaiís, in 2008 where he has a wholesale distributor & manufacture business first and foremost, then expanded into a small retail division with a product line totally separate from the wholesale product lines.