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Lenco has up graded there drive motor system, using a control unit called JoyRide, or the Micro ride control, as well as not only having a 24 volt 2 hp they added a 36 volt 3hp ( foot pedal and wireless remote still available as options)

Check it out here http://www.lencomarine.com/dual_digital_drives/dualdigitaldetai.html

Click this link to see to see info on our OME pontoon boats, and How the Lenco 164 is installed on a pontoon boat.

See there all new video here  http://www.lencomarine.com/joy_ride/evenakidcandoit.html

Dealer wanted. we can not sell the units to the consumer, we can only build a complete electric pontoon boat with the Lenco Drivess as OME

Lenco 164
What you get in the Kit (pdf)

cleardot Features:
164 lbs of digital trolling power provided by TWO transom mounted motors that will now operate not only with a hands free foot pedal, but with a wireless hand held remote control. The new remote control integrates directly with the foot pedal and control unit already included with your Lenco Trollín Tabs or Lenco Drive.

Lenco foot controlHow it Works

Lenco 164 motor

Optional Remote Control  

Should you hook a fish, or need to step away from the pedal to cast to a fish you just spotted, you can still maintain complete control of your boat from whichever spot on the boat you end up. Lencoís innovative ideas in trolling motor and trim tab development have now made it possible to keep your bow free of clutter AND give you care-free motor operation. The wireless remote is also perfect for non-fishing applications. Quiet, controlled operation of deck boats, larger center consoles, just about any boat not previously suited for electric trolling power can now be outfitted to open up a world of operating possibilities.



Lenco 164 Lenco Drive Installation.pdf