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Romppai's your number one Canada made Custom Fishing Tackle, The way Tackle Should Be!!!!

Romppai's,  HAD a written agreement as the exclusive distributor in NW Ontario  on Northport Nailer old 300 Series Hammered spoons as of August 30, 2005, well they still had 10,000 spoon blanks stamped out, and we could order in counts of 100 spoons per color until they ran out of there stock, I had asked them, what happens when you have no more stock, he told me. well you can buy my die. well being in business for so many years, I know better then to trust his word, so as I was ordering there spoons in the hammered stock I had a die made of my own, with the Tackle by dy logo in it, (That was owned  by my now ex wife) (Since then had the logo cut out and had Romppai's logo put in.

I new what was going to happen, and it did, after 0ne and a half  years (one and a half summers, there short here) of them seeing how big a mistake they made by dropping the hammered pattern and going to strickly there new scale pattern, (witch do not work at all up here) by seeing how much we were selling to the dealers up here.

They sent a fax to all there old Canada dealer they had lost, including us, (that was funny) that they were bring back the hammered spoon just for there Canada dealers, but they had to order 12 per color, now we had to order 100 per color, but that was ok, because there is only a hand full or two of colors that are any good.

By this time my die was ready to go, and already had a few thousand spoon stamped out of hammered spring stainless steel, and painted and coated with a much harder clear coat then they had, so I was off and running, I dropped the dealer cost a lot, because it was no longer costing me $2.00 a spoon blank (that's right spoon blank, because we put the hook that a dealer wanted on the spoon and a USA made split ring and swivel and packaged them) my cost per spoon dropped big time now, and no shipping or broker fee's to pay,  now Canadian made 100%, so I was able and ready to go sell at a much lower dealer cost by the time this fax was sent out to Northport Nailer old dealers.

Now I sell not only to all the Canada dealers, but a lot of USA and other countries dealers as well, because they will not change for there USA dealers, they are our brand name spoons with our logo stamped in them, we only have a little more then a hand full of colors, but they are the colors that do catch fish, not there fishermen's eye. and a spoon that is by far a much better quality spoon then the Northport Nailer ever was, they to this day use off shore components

Moral of the store is, never trust a suppliers word, that I have come to learn the hard way over my 35 year in the industry

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Romppai's thanks you for considering one of our fine lures, Magna Dyne no longer  Supplies us with the 300 Series  Old Hammered model KALEIDOSCOPE NAILERS spoons, we here at Romppai's custom fit's your hook brand, style, color & size. (Bleeding Bait red Daiichi is most popular in #2 xxx Strong)

ST300 Series - "Magnum" 3 3/4" long hammered brass silver plated and painted with our special patented finish, some with a "glow-in-dark edge". The 300's are designed for high speed trolling 2.2 - 3.5 mph.

Because our waters are getting clearer and cleaner, fisherman need to think about longer leads than in the past.
a). Down rigger leads of 20 -100 feet
b). Planer Boards with 40'-100' feet of lead
c). Diving Sinkers 120'- 200' feet back
d). Flat lines 200'- 300' feet back
e). Lead Core 200'- 450' feet back
When practical, use an attractor such as a dogger" 30"- 48" in front of a spoon to
increase your catch.

Good Fishing

W only shows colors of each product that we stock. You can special order any item in any color or style by going to our catalog download page and downloading their complete catalog in PFD format. Then e-mailing us the catalog numbers with a minimum of six per style and color. on special orders. Click Here for Catalog Down load page of it is one of these spoon that you want in a color we do not stock, the dealer must order minimum of 250 spoons per none stock color.

Materials that this product is made from: compare

2. 300  Series Northport Nailer is either .021 spring brass or .025 brass

3  ST300 Series Romppai's is Spring Stainless steel 0.25

All are then coated with genuine silver plating.
They come packaged and labeled, they also have a Rosco Black spit ring & swivel on the attachment end, MSRP price is $6.59 with a xxx strong #2 DAIICHI BLEEDING BAIT TREBLE HOOK Why

MSRP price is $5.99 with a xxx strong V7199  xx strong #2 Red VMC also have a Rosco spit ring & Black swivel on the attachment end,

OTHER HOOK STYLES, COLOR AND SIZE AVAILABLE BY REQUEST.  Ask your local dealer for them by name.

All our products are custom made using Canadian or USA made products only. No off shore components here. if that is what you want CHEAP it's off shore baby, keep lookin.


 Romppai's ST300 is a 3-3/4" long spoons. You can chose your Hook, make, Style & Size,  Daiichi  D97 - #2 Blood Red 4X Strong wide gap treble or VMC V8540RD Red Treble #1 or #2.  or Eagle Claw 975 Treble size  1 or 2 nickel  or Eagle Claw L934 Treble size 2 black, 3/0 4/0 5/0 Single Siwash,  Single Siwash nickel, 3/0 4/0 Single Siwash Red They come packaged and labeled, they also have a Rosco swivel on the attachment end.

We stock a large selection of the old Hammered style spoons in our ST300 Series

Click here to download our Northport hammered spoon catalog

Below are our standard stock colors

ST300 Series Colors: K1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 31, 32, 33, 35, 37, 42, 44, 46, 48,  56, 58, 60, 69, 75, 81, 84, 85, 87 & 88.

We also have the silver and gold in the hammered in the 300 series.  We will be adding to this list.



Also 975 Nickel,  974 Bronze or Single Siwash