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Romppai's  Hammered KK3001 Spoons.  We had our very own salmon spoons stamped out of spring stainless steel, 0.25 and took the most popular colors that were sold by outer supplier and now you have the best spoons on the market at even a much better price.  You still have your custom ordering when it come to the most important part of all, the hook!! Downriggers, rod holders and much more,.  Were coming out with all ROMPPAI'S brand, also ask about our very own tents. (Sorry for any disappointment some may have, I a sure you a much better product and service, Keeping and saving, jobs and economy in our own community,  Canadian economy )  this has come with great needs of production, you can custom order them with your stlye of hook or take our pre-packaged spoons, you will not find a better dealer price on these two product lines.

We are turning to really boost OUR own name ROMPPAI'S Spoons Click Here, we have had dies made of many kinds, we stamp them from Stainless steel or high grade marine brass. Genuine Silver or 24kt gold plated & Powder coated and baked on finishes, that we guaranty will not chip, if one dose return it for a new one, we also have air brush colors as well, these spoons are clear coated with a water clear two part epoxy. They are the best when it come to our commitment to quality and your chose of color, add a a touch of holographic silver or gold glitter, firecracker or a brilliant green metallic glitter, add some Lure tape color's your hook make, color & style!!!! it's all custom made tackle the way tackle should be!! You must try our SUPPER GLOW COLORS< THEY GLOW FOR HOURS, For a bit more on our spoons Click Here.  We are also coming out with ROMPPAI'S SUPPER LONG GLOW Fishing & emergency glow sticks. With our very own testing we have found they will retail at about 1/2 the price of any other Brand, that's not all, they glow for 30 hours or more, even with the smallest of all.

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We have more tackle lined up, that will bring in the big ones, all made with the finest materials you can find

spoons, jigs, jigs and more jigs, made in hundreds of diferet ways, wire spinners, leaders, lake trolls, bottom walkers, you name it, we have it, or we will make it, and custom make it just for your customers or you.......

To see a very small sampling of Romppai's Jig's Click Here again this is such a small sampling of our own name brand jigs. we have over 400 jig styles, sizes. and over 40 powder paint colors, 10 different glitters, buck tail, marabou, synthetic hair, soft molded eyes, foil eyes, jig heads with 17lbs micro wire in 2", 3" 4" long(camo color stainless steel) poured right into the lead head were we attach a 3 prong stinger hook in Eagle Claw bronze, Red or black treble hook, or for those of you that want the best of the best, the treble hook can be up graded to a 2X or 3 X strong Daiichi Bleeding bait treble, or up grade big time to adding the jig hook to s Daiichi high carbon bleeding bait hook as well, these hooks are rezor sharp and hold there point and will not straiten out, like regular Adriane hooks are ment to do, or we can step down one to a Eagle Claw Black triagle jig hook, that is 2x longer and will not straiten as well, we can also go with an Eagle Claw 3x long shank for those of you that want that really extra long shank for big baits> so the bottom line what we are tring to get across, is we just dont make a jig, spoon. spinner, wire spinner, leader, stinger hooks, but we have hundreds of ways to make them even better, custom tackle your way.  in 2002 this whole busniess was all started by one type of jig, but made in about 30 diferent ways, and that was our 3-D Bug Eye jig, in 1/8oz, 1/4oz, 3/8 oz, 1/2 oz, with 10 different 3-D soft molded eyes, that is what set this whole operation into mostion, with net sales in 6 months, more them i made in a year working in this Cold cold country Canada in the bush camps of a logging company working 12 to 16 hours a day as a class A welder, under -50 below weather with high winds, god i don't miss those days one bit

As we get this sit more organized and listed (after all most of it is all ready on this site, but it has got un organized, use our search site page) you will find it, till I get it straitened out) you will get to see a lot of tackle made right here in Thunder Bay, On Canada, every lure, spoon, jig pack comes with our logo and a made in Canada label, as well the, brand of hook used, there label is on all our packaging, look for our logo the next time your at your faveret tackle shop, if you do not see it, by all means ask them for it, if they will not stock it, feel free to come here and order it direct, you will save there mark up and they make sqote..haha