All Pontoon Kits Are Canadian Cost Guard approved, you are not getting something that was just slammed together. Our Pontoons are built to last, and built with your safety in mind, un-like the run of the mill Pontoon boats the sell on the market today, we have yet to under stand how these factory pontoon boats even make it to the show room floor, I know for my self, after looking at many makes, I would never feel safe on own of them, never mind the totally crazy price they want for them pop cans, (DO YOU Even know what we can offer you for that same $19000,00,they want for a 20 footer? A pontoon far better and made to last for your life, your Childs life and then much longer, and feel your on a solid unit) yes pop cans, see how thin the walls are on the pontoons, and no rub rail or skid plate on the bottom, no dividers in the floats, so if you hit something and made a hole in one, the whole float will file with water, un-like ours, solid chambers every 5 feet, factory ones are loaded with cheep plastic crap, just to make them look some what nice, no function at all, the wood floor is not even marine coated, wait what am I talking about, I have yet to see a factory built pontoon with any type of coating on the bare wood sub-floor, take a look under your pontoon or one your looking at, do you see a marine coating on it, or just plain plywood, I have noticed a very few now using a green treated plywood, well sock that in water for a wile and see what happens.

When we custom building your pontoon, we use the best parts in the industry, including the best warranty any were you will ever find from any other OME parts SEE videos HERE for more links Click here and HERE until I get everything sorted out.

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Before contacting us, This is what you 1st need to do.  Then check with the Weight Capacities to make sure you pick the right size of Pontoon to carry what you want! Then we in-stall the BLACK Box to save your investment.

First Step: Determining The Size of boat you want, with everything you want on it.
1)  desired length
2)  desired width
3number of pontoons; 2, 3 or more.
  • 2 pontoons are safer when the waves are normally / often more than 18" high
4application ( fishing / family pleasure / barge / houseboat / floating cottage etc. )
5)  To figure out the weight capacity, and the diameter of the pontoons, you will need to know:


EXAMPLE ~ 24" x 20' x 8' boat kit
  • weight of the boat kit ~ we will supply this info.------------------------------------------= 650 lbs
  • 3/4" x 4' x 8' Marine Grade Plywood / Composite is about 80 lbs. / sheet x 5 -= 400 lbs.
  • weight of the motor------------------------------------------------------------------------------= 150 lbs.
  • weight of the people----------------------------------------------------------------------------= 750 lbs.
  • weight of the std. railing is about 2.5 lbs. / linear ft.--------------------------------= 140 lbs.
  • weight of the aluminum steering console & steering system is about 50 lbs-= 50 lbs.
  • weight of the seating-----------------------------------------------------------------------= 300 lbs.
  • weight of other options such as a sundeck =                                                 300 lbs.------------------------------------------= No
  • 3/4" x 4' x 8' Marine Grade Plywood for the sundeck  80 lbs. x 2.5         = 200 lbs       = No
  • waste, fresh water and fuel tanks ( approx. size x 10 lbs. / gal.) -------------= 100 lbs.
  • battery-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     ----= 60 lbs.
  • other ~ cooler etc------------------------------------------------------------------------------= 40 lbs.
  • Approximate total weight to be carried ..................................................= 2640 lbs.
With this above information you will have a good idea of the weight to be carried which will help determine the weight capacity you need and the approx. diameter of pontoons.
We can help you fine tune your input so that you can consider optional length or diameters.

If we are building you a pontoon house boat, cabin weight and all optional equipment you want, such as fridge, stove, hot water tank, holding tanks (full), pumps, toilet, tub/shower, water slide and so on need to all be added up, most house boats last winter we used 36 to 40 inch D pontoons with a 10' or 15' center pod. w/motor mount, up to 200hp,all motor mounts are installed by the customer. (we can Gide you) with the exception of our Lenco DC drives. or boats using a 9.9 hp or less.

Second Step: Building The Boat
This is the easy part.  Make a drawing of a floor plan and email or fax it to us for pricing. use the railing files as well.  Note: we now use 1" or 1-1/4x3/32"wall, round and squire stainless railing, for that classy look, , At this link Pontoon Size's  &  Pricing

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