Pontoon Docks, Rafts and Ramps

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All our custom made pontoon's of all kinds are built here in Thunder Bay Ont. as well as Winnipeg MN

This is to save shipping cost though out Northwestern Ont & Manitoba, available in kit form, or we can custom build your complete pontoon, with 7 different trailer brands, and 50 models to chose from, like enclosed Newnan's trailers, to car halers, utility trails, boat trail's, check out our trailer page

Call to order all your marine products you need, including after marker I/O & Outboard motor parts, catalog order, over 3000 pages, 3 to 4 days delivery, you SAVE $$$$$


Don't forget we can even supply a bolt on motor mount for your pontoon dock or raft to make it dual use, one day it's a dock or raft, the next day it's a moving across the pond or lake under power

These pontoon docks & rafts are very stable when you install them right. simple as 4, 5 gallon pails filed with concert with a 1/2 u bolt in the cement, for each 16' section, use 5/16 galvanized chain with 12" turn buckles, but chains on turn buckles tight, then tighten turn buckles really tight so they pull the pontoons down into the water

your best chose ever for mud bottom ponds or lakes, best of all leave them in the water over winter or float them to shore,

We can Custom Build What You Need


Aluminum Pontoon Docks, Rafts and Ramps
are quality constructed to endure many years of use.  Various lengths.


  • Aluminum Pontoon Docks are available in 4', 6', and 8' widths with 16" or 19" diameter pontoons and are available with optional aluminum hinge sets and motor mount.

  • Aluminum Ramps are available 3' or 4' wide from 10' to 20' long.

  • Aluminum Pontoon Raft have larger pontoons to accommodate more weight.  They are available with 24" diameter pontoons in various lengths. Raft Kits are made to accommodate Diving Boards and Water Slides are available in various widths.








Aluminum Ramp 

The parts are made to last
Our Aluminum parts are made with type 5052 H32 aluminum, an aluminum / magnesium alloy
most resistant to corrosion in fresh and sea water.

Pontoon Dock with ramps from shore!!!!!!!!!!! start with this cost as a starting point only Pontoon pricing\cdnDock.pdf carpet, plywood and labor extra.