Romppai's New Lures for 2007

Romppai's Drop Shot rigs

Romppai's Drop shot rigs are great for jigging, still fishing, a supper ice fishing Rig, they are all tied with Seaguar 18lbs test Fluoro  Premier leader as shown below, as well as a Red Alert™ StandOut™ Hook, in size 1, 2, 4 or 6 with a Rosco Swivel, you will be able to order with a Blakemore horse head jig, at this time only, any one of Romppai's jigs as shown below.  If you want a lighter leader then 18lbs we will use Seaguar Invisible leader 

These are the GREAT RED ALERT StandOunt hooks i have talked about on other pages, that we buy these hook by the ten's of thousands to custom make our own name brand drop shot rigs out of, the standOut hook means just what the name says, StandOut, the have a cam action, when we make out custom drop shot rigs this is the only hook you will find or be able to order with your order of our custom made in Canada Romppai's Drop Shot rigs, this hook when weighted on the tail line with one of our over 500 custom jugs tied on the tail end of the line, with a quick snap for fast and simple changing of jig style hook style and weight. this jig weight pulls down on the tail line cussing the StandOout hook to cam out ward at a 90 degree angel, lining the hook straight out 90 degrees from the line, so when the fish goes for a strike the hook is set just right for a perfect hook up, well leaving you with the jig below that was say sitting on bottom is now set for that seconded fish that wants the same rig, using  the right jig that allows the jig hook to be at just the right angel for a perfect hook set on its very own, now you have two great fish on there way into the boat.

When we make this rig we use 18" of ether Seaguar Fluoro Carbon leader line or the best of the best HI-Seas 100%  Fluoro Carbon leader line, and the right knot that is to be used on Fluoro Carbon or we use a brass crimp sleeve, in witch case you can not use a crimp sleeve on the StandOut hook, but one can be used to connect the Fluoro Carbon to the USA made quick snap for the jig and one crimp sleeve is used to fasten a USA made black swivel.. thus giving you the best rig money can buy, or in many cases we've given away, to prove our

Take note, we use all USA made terminal tackle in all of are lure making, no off shore crap goes into our production line at all, if you want ball bearing swivels we have then as well.

      Click image, Pink


you can find the full line of Hi-Seas and AFW on our we


Romppai's New Lures for 2006

Just wait and see what all we have to add



Here at Romppai's we can custom make spinner's of all kinds, we can paint any blade, spoon or brass body with any of our 30+  colors Click for colors as well add lure tape to any blade or spoon Click for Tape colors.  Remember our paints are baked on at 350 degrees to ensure that the fisherman receives a product that is virtually chip resistant.

With foil eyes item # JVJ-E-             With out foil eyes   item # JVJ-

Banana Fuzz Grub item #BNNFG-

You pick all colors you want including foil eye color, same as you do

for all our lures spoons and jig's

We can custom make Jigs of all kinds, we paint with any of our many 30+ colors Click for colors as well add lure tape to any blade or spoon Click for Tape colors.  Remember our paints are baked on at 350 degrees to ensure that the fisherman receives a product that is virtually chip resistant.

We can also add 12" of any 100% Fluorocarbon leader so those nasty Northern Pike can never again bite you off with out limiting your bait in any way!!

Bullet Nose Fuzz Grub

With foil eyes item # BNFG-E-             With out foil eyes   item # BNFG-

Our new copper paint on the head

 Pro Fuzz Grubs available in all jig styles

We Can Mold a wire into the Jig Head and add a stinger hook as well  

Just some of our starting colors. all paints are baked on

See Bucktail, foil eye colors in our catalog or in or in or Buck Tail  Jig online shopping

Marabou Colors: Black, White, Green, Chartreuse, Yellow

Chenille body colors: Brown, white, red, yellow chart., Orange, black, sparkle red, sparkle white, sparkle black. Sparkle insect green. Up to 2 colors.
Pick one color from items below, each addition add 0.25

Glow tinsel color: white, yellow

Flasabou color: Copper, pearl, sea foam, blue, blue steel, red, rainbow.

Flasabou accent color: rainbow, silver, gold

We can make anything you need and how you want it
after all that's what we do!

Custom Made Tackle, The Way Tackle Should Be!

All Jig's and spinner's above are showmen with Daiichi™, Tru-Turn™, and Eagle Claw™, hooks

Most all Dy's Jigs Spoons and Spinners can be up graded to a Daiichi Bronze Hook or Daiichi Bleeding Bait Hook