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Enter the next generation

Seaguar Fluoro Premier & Seaguar Fluoro Premier Big Game

100% Fluorocarbon Leader Material

All the invisibility.  Now up to 20% stronger with the same diameter.  So you gain strength, without sacrificing presentation.  All with exceptional knot strength and extremely low memory.  Introducing Seaguar Fluoro Premier & Seaguar Fluoro Premier Big Game.  We’re taking fluorocarbon to the next level.


When using any Seaguar product you must use the recommended knots by Seaguar, faller to do so will not give you the performance it is meant to have. Visit there website for more info http://www.seaguar.com/home.html

Strike Fresh Water

New Seaguar INVIZX

100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Soft. supple and castable.  Superior sensitivity.  Now you can fill your spool with a main line like no other.  Seaguar INVIZX is specially designed to dominate fresh water.  INVIZX is virtually invisible, plus delivers advanced hook-setting power, exceptional abrasion resistance and knot strength.  They’ll never know what hit them.

Available in 200 yard filler spools as well in Bulk 1000 Yards

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 Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon Tippet Material now available in 25 meter & - 100-Yard Spools

SEAGUAR® Grand MAX - The Worlds Strongest 100% Fluorocarbon Tippet Material.  Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon Tippet Material.
This tippet material isn't stiff or kinky like other fluorocarbon leader materials and has relatively low memory so it relaxes and straightens out. Grand Max also delivers exceptional knot strength, retaining up to 97% of its unknotted strength when tied with an improved clinch. And its refractive index rating - a measure of visibility- is much lower than other materials making it very difficult for fish to see.

MAX™ TIPPEGRAND T - 100 Yards GM 100
      Diameter Diameter
Order# lb. test Size (mm) (inches)
  8X GM 100 1.9 8X .090 mm .003 in.
  7X GM 100 2.6 7X .104 mm .004 in.
  6X GM 100 3.7 6X .128 mm .005 in.
  5X GM 100 4.8 5X .148 mm .006 in.
  4X GM 100 7.0 4X .185 mm .007 in.
  3X GM 100 9.2 3X .205 mm .008 in.
  2X GM 100 12.5 2X .235 mm .009 in.
  1X GM 100 14.5 1X .260 mm .010 in.
  0X GM 100 16.5 0X .285 mm .011 in.
01X GM 100 18.5 01X .310 mm .012 in.
02X GM 100 20.7 02X .330 mm .013 in.
03X GM 100 25.3 03X .370 mm .015 in

The above table shows product number for 100yard spool, if ordering 25 meter spools, change the product code from CM 100, to CM 25

      Facts         Seaguar Others
Which Company Invented Fluorocarbon Leaders back in 1971? YES NO
Which Company Make Their Own Resins?       YES NO
Which Company Controls ALL Production from Beginning to End? YES NO
Which Company Has Double Structure Extrusion Process?   YES NO
Which Company Has The Highest Knot Strength?     YES NO
Which Company Has the Highest Impact Strength?   YES NO
Which Company Has Many Types of 100% Fluorocarbon Resins? YES NO
Which Company Has The Largest Selection of Lines and Leaders? YES NO
          v SEAGUAR is The INVENTOR AND
Fluorocarbon is made up of:   WORLDS Largest Manufacturer
v Hydrogen       of Fluorocarbon Lines and
v Fluoride       Leaders!    
v Carbon              
          v Only 5 Companies in the World
Fluorocarbon is know as   make Fluorocarbon Resins
PVDF (Polyvinylidene     SEAGUAR is the only one in the
Fluoride)         Fishing Tackle Industry.
ALL 100% Fluorocarbons v Only SEAGUAR Produces from
Have the following general   Resins to Finished Products.
v UV Resistance   v Only SEAGUAR gives you
v Abrasion Resistance   the BEST and HIGHEST
v Near Invisibility Under Water   QUALITY Fluorocarbon
v Chemical Resistance   Products in the WORLD!
v Cold Resistance            
v NO Water Absorption v For Over 30 YEARS, anglers
v High Density, Sinks Fast   have trusted SEAGUAR!



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