All Romppai’s custom tackle is made in Thunder Bay Canada, Custom Tackle, The way tackle should be!

 We have such a huge product line, we just cannot list it all, for paint, lure tapes and bead colors options,

 see our color chart, or download our catalog, Remember we offer custom work, without any custom fees,

just minimum of 6 packs per color item, style, bad printing for large group minimum 250 pc.

We also offer all tackle components, many bead colors and sizes including  glow in the dark,

all beads are ordered in by the 200 kg per color and size from our suppliers.

We have the full line of Eagle Claw hooks,Lazar VMC, Tru-Turn, and Daiichi Bleeding bait hooks to chose from.

 Have you tried, the great blood Red StandOut HookS, Wow this hook, put Northwestern Ontario on  the fishing map.

We use all top quality components, 90% of our spinner blades, spoons are stamped and terminal tackle out of real copper,

stainless steel and brass, how ever we do have a few items stamped out of steel as well,

for the low budget, 90% of our terminal tackle is made in the USA from Brass and stainless steel,

 again we have an off shore supply for the lower budget, we strongly believe from talking with the pro's as well as our own own findings,

you catch more with top quality components in a lure, and not to mention, it lasts

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